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Name:Simon Peter Gruber

Colonel Simon Peter Gruber. (Alias Peter Krieg)
Canon: Die hard with a vengeance.

Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6' 3” in his army boots.
Build: Athletic, defined.
Skillset: Explosives, military weapons, tactical, strategy, communications, unarmed combat, accents, and presumably languages.

Gruber speaks perfect English with a German accent. The accent is soft and not in the least stagey. It's fairly fluid and relaxed. He hardly ever pronounces 'w' as 'v', but occasionally he does pronounce 'th' as 'zh'. (There are even a couple of points in the movie where Jeremy Irons lapses into a near-English accent.)

The mun has researched this obsessively carefully, so any apparent slips in his accent are true to canon.

This pup has gone Extremely AU, and has recently been made immortal by a supremely powerful being. He cannot die unless he's killed by the one who granted him the immortality (and It isn't around much) or by his own hand. One of the conditions of his immortality is that he's impervious to any psychic assault, empathy, mindreading whatsoever, however powerful your character is. If anyone empathic tries to sense his presence, he will seem like a ghost to them. There will be nothing. No emotion, no psychic presence whatsoever.

It's also impossible to track him by old-school means, technology, or magic, if he doesn't want to be found. Which is useful in his line of work. Simon also gives the impression of being supernaturally 'lucky'. Sentries look the other way at a crucial moment, that sort of thing. It's not actually psychic luck or anything of that sort, it's his adopted 'parent' looking out for him.

(Full profile here)
(Character videos)
(Music vid for fun and eye candy)

Canon point: (SPOILER ALERT)
Having had two possible alternative deaths, Simon didn't survive the movie which gave this player two options. Either playing the character before the movie, and having his death preordained, or an AU version where Simon successfully evaded justice, with or without the gold. (This character has to be AU, by the very fact that he's still alive.)

Pre-the movie would be boring, as none of the canon would apply. So, feeling magnanimous, I've decided to let the Federal Reserve Bank recover most of its gold, when McClane and Zeus intercepted the thieves in Canada near the end of the movie.

Simon didn't try to kill McClane, but opted sensibly to get the hell out of Dodge, with a small fortune in gold in the transport he was using. Many of his men would have evaded justice, but had to abandon the gold.

Gruber failed to kill McClane, but at least McClane failed to kill him. Ah well, tomorrow is another day.

He's currently living very well, is relatively content, and has not been militarily active for a while. He misses it to some degree though, and would still like to finish off that business with McClane... and he does get bored. So. Bombs. The occasional bank job. A little mayhem for its own sake...

Very recently, Simon has embarked on an intense sexual relationship with an angel. what could possibly go wrong?

He has also been offered virtual immortality by an extremely powerful entity known as Kuvahli. A creature literally as powerful as God. Simon is understandably suspicious, and still on the fence regarding that decision.


PB is Jeremy Irons. Player and character are over 18. The character 'Simon Gruber' belongs to the Die Hard movie franchise. Irons is very much his own property. No affiliation claimed, no money being made. Character account for roleplay purposes only.
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